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Apple’s Responsibility Management

There is no doubt that Apple has mastered how to manage its reputation as evidenced by the 2012 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient® (RQ) which ranked Apple as having the highest corporate reputation with the highest score in the history of this 13 year old poll (Hulbert, 2012). Of all the different reputation tools discussed by […]

Apple’s Relationships

Focusing on the primary stakeholders of Owners, Employees, Customers and Suppliers as defined by Waddock (Waddock, 2009, p. 187 – 197) it appears that Apple only involves stakeholders when legally required to (e.g. shareholders), when they can provide valuable input on future products (e.g. customers) or not at all (employees and suppliers). The group afforded […]

Apple’s Value Added Impacts

In today’s world, companies are no longer being measured by their financial bottom line but by a triple bottom line of economic, social and ecological returns, highlighting the fact that there is more than a single value a corporation provides. Furthermore, the majority value of many corporations lies in their intangible assets which can be […]

Stretching your startup dollars

I run into many people who have ideas for starting a business but they are never comfortable turning that idea into something more.  The primary reason I hear for holding back is money – money lost from a consistent paycheck from their current employer and the lack of money needed to start their business.  When […]

Apple’s Organizational Vision

Apple has a long and storied history beginning in 1976 when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started Apple Computer with the launch of the Apple 1 computer which was more of a computer kit that contained a circuit board but no monitor or keyboard (“Rare original ‘Apple-1′ computer sold by Steve Jobs from […]