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Is your Scrum team having problems closing user stories? Swarming can be the answer.

New Scrum teams or Scrum teams that have not matured may find themselves completing a good portion of the tasks in a Sprint but as the Sprint comes to a close they find many user stories still open.  The group collectively scratches their heads wondering where things went wrong as the burndown looked pretty good […]

When will US companies put safety in their global supply chain before profit?

On Saturday, November 24th, 120 garment workers in Bangladesh were killed when fire broke out in an 8 story factory building.  Although a full report has not been provided by fire officials, workers at the factory indicated that fire escapes were blocked and guards had failed to open the main gate after smoke engulfed the […]

If you have more than 3 roles in play, you’re not using Scrum

Scrum has 3 primary roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master and delivery/development team member.  However, I’ve run into “Scrum” implementations that are using roles such as “Lead Developer” or “Lead Business Analyst”.  It’s bad enough you’ve created “new” roles for Scrum but when you use titles that include “Lead” it’s reflecting a lack of commitment […]

Only take on what’s possible

For your development team to have any chance of success in their Sprint, the Scrum Master needs to ensure that they only take on as much work as they have time to complete.  To determine available time for the Sprint, as Scrum Master you’ll need to create a capacity planning chart.  The chart will be […]

If you don’t have this, don’t even start with Scrum

We’re all looking for ways to do things better and once you have some exposure to Scrum you’ll quickly realize this project management framework can revolutionize how you develop software in your organization.  After a quick read of what’s involved with implementing Scrum, it all seems pretty straightforward – a team, a Scrum Master and […]

Apple’s Sustainability and Commitment to the Global Village

In this final blog entry on Apple, we’ll look at their commitment to the global village and the progress they are making towards sustainability. Apple’s has made a strong commitment to sustainability and the global village based upon their investment in critical elements of their environmental management system which includes waste minimization, demand-side management, environmental […]

Apple’s Investments and Assessments

Apple has and continues to make its largest social responsibility investments in the area of supply chain management which has receive global attention and scrutiny.   As mentioned in my early blog postings, Apple’s global manufacturers, primarily Foxconn, have dealt with accusations of poor employee work conditions, riots, employee suicides and military-like guards enforcing long hours […]