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Is Apple feeling the pressure or seeing the future?

In a December 6th interview by Brian Williams from NBC’s “Rock Center” – Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that a particular Mac product line would be manufactured in the US starting in 2013.  Many saw this interview and immediately had visions of a floodgate being opened where hundreds of thousands of jobs currently based in […]

Are you putting too much emphasis on your Sprint demo when using Scrum?

We all know how it works – after a defined period of time (e.g. 3 weeks) you round up your stakeholders and Product Owner to demo all the great software you as a team have created.  And what always happens the first time your stakeholders see “shippable” software?  Absolutely correct – questions around functionality and […]

Is production support killing your Scrum team’s velocity?

Unless you’re on one of the few lucky Scrum teams that gets to focus entirely on the development of new software, you need to support your production systems while at the same time moving forward with new functionality and projects.  Most in this situation have seen what started out as a very successful Sprint completely […]