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Liven up your Scrum Standup meetings

Tony Robbins has always said that repetition “is the mother of skill” but it can also lead to boredom.  For well-established scrum teams, the daily standup meeting can get a bit monotonous.  Every day, it’s the same thing.  What have you done?  What are you about to do?  What’s in your way?  Scrum Masters need to be on the lookout for standup meetings that have become run of the mill and when identified, they should introduce more opportunity for interaction between team members.  One such way is to use a progress wall.  The progress wall has four section as displayed in figure 1 below:

  • Section 1 – is the Waiting section where all user stories that are not being worked will sit.
  • Section 2 – is the In Progress section which contains all user stories currently being worked
  • Section 3 – displays all user stories that are Ready for Test by your product owner
  • Section 4 – the section all teams strive to reach – is the Done section which has all users that have passed testing

Figure -1

During your standup, team members will move their user stories between the different sections of your progress well.  If your user stories tend to be big and move slowly, add tasks to the wall and have team members move them during your standup meetings.  In addition to getting your team moving, it provides a great overview for the team, product owner and management as to current sprint progress.


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