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Is there any other way to go? Social media for your business is no longer optional.

Successful businesses know that in order to be prosperous you need to build relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Traditionally, establishing those relationships has been costly.  In an age where some organizations are spending in excess of $1 billion on advertising, social media provides businesses of all sizes the opportunity to reach consumers […]

My thoughts on the demise of Blockbuster…

Introduction On Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Dish Network (parent company of BlockBuster) announced the remaining 300 Blockbuster stores will be closing.   This should not be much of a surprise to consumers who have had a hot and cold relationship Blockbuster throughout it’s history and started running from the stores in the late 1990’s when […]

How American Express Leads The Way With Twitter

Jim Bush, EVP of World Service at American Express has raised the bar on customer service within American Express (Amex) and recognizes the vital role social media now plays in servicing card members.  At the core of this program, a service ethos called Relationship CareSM, is the active listening to customers in order to build […]

My thoughts on the real need for social CRM

The need for Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs arose in popularity after traditional CRM methods started losing effectiveness.  The state of telemarketing programs is easy to assess when you consider that in 2010 over 200 million marketing targets had signed up for the national Do Not Call Registry (Anderson, 2010).  The evidence of the […]

Want to be a better decision maker? Drucker says stop making so many.

Peter Drucker once said that “the least effective decision makers are the ones who constantly make decisions.”  That seemed unrealistic as like any muscle, your decision making muscles needed to be exercised on a regular basis to get stronger correct?  What in the world was he thinking? Simply stated, the most effective decision makers make […]

How do your attitudes, values, moods and emotions affect your workplace behavior?

Our attitudes, values, moods and emotions will affect any situation in which we find ourselves.  In particular, attitudes will directly impact what we put into a situation and more importantly what we get out of the situation.  For example, when it comes to mowing my one acre yard I have a bad attitude.  As a […]