Apple’s Value Added Impacts

In today’s world, companies are no longer being measured by their financial bottom line but by a triple bottom line of economic, social and ecological returns, highlighting the fact that there is more than a single value a corporation provides. Furthermore, the majority value of many corporations lies in their intangible assets which can be […]

Apple’s Organizational Vision

Apple has a long and storied history beginning in 1976 when Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started Apple Computer with the launch of the Apple 1 computer which was more of a computer kit that contained a circuit board but no monitor or keyboard (“Rare original ‘Apple-1′ computer sold by Steve Jobs from […]

Apple as a Corporate Social Responsibility Leader

In this multi-post series, I’ll explore Apple and how they compare to Corporate Social Responsibility leaders like Unilever.  In this first posting we’ll look at Apple’s key stakeholders and the relationships Apple maintains with them. As an Apple shareholder I am one of their stakeholders. Six years ago I purchased stock in Apple at $50/share. […]