Suppy Chain Management

Is Apple feeling the pressure or seeing the future?

In a December 6th interview by Brian Williams from NBC’s “Rock Center” – Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that a particular Mac product line would be manufactured in the US starting in 2013.  Many saw this interview and immediately had visions of a floodgate being opened where hundreds of thousands of jobs currently based in […]

When will US companies put safety in their global supply chain before profit?

On Saturday, November 24th, 120 garment workers in Bangladesh were killed when fire broke out in an 8 story factory building.  Although a full report has not been provided by fire officials, workers at the factory indicated that fire escapes were blocked and guards had failed to open the main gate after smoke engulfed the […]

Apple’s Investments and Assessments

Apple has and continues to make its largest social responsibility investments in the area of supply chain management which has receive global attention and scrutiny.   As mentioned in my early blog postings, Apple’s global manufacturers, primarily Foxconn, have dealt with accusations of poor employee work conditions, riots, employee suicides and military-like guards enforcing long hours […]

Apple’s Relationships

Focusing on the primary stakeholders of Owners, Employees, Customers and Suppliers as defined by Waddock (Waddock, 2009, p. 187 – 197) it appears that Apple only involves stakeholders when legally required to (e.g. shareholders), when they can provide valuable input on future products (e.g. customers) or not at all (employees and suppliers). The group afforded […]