Social Media

Do you have a content strategy for your social media programs?

We all know that instantaneous interactions is an important characteristic of social media. These interactions are immediate because applications like Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare simplify the process for you to get your message out. The ubiquity of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets further support the speed of communications in the social world. […]

Future implications for your social media programs

As organizations are wrapping up their first quarter of 2014, they are undoubtedly looking at what the remainder of 2014 holds for their social media initiatives. Although most will contend that predicting the future is impossible, it is a pretty safe bet that there will be change in the remainder of 2014 that will challenge […]

Viral Marketing Initiatives

Author David Meerman Scott prefers to call viral marketing, word-of-mouse, in which having other people share your story drives action.  One person sends it to another, then that person sends it to another, and on and on.  This marketing approach comes with the potential for great payoff with incredibly low costs (if any) and limited […]

Is there any other way to go? Social media for your business is no longer optional.

Successful businesses know that in order to be prosperous you need to build relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers and partners. Traditionally, establishing those relationships has been costly.  In an age where some organizations are spending in excess of $1 billion on advertising, social media provides businesses of all sizes the opportunity to reach consumers […]

How American Express Leads The Way With Twitter

Jim Bush, EVP of World Service at American Express has raised the bar on customer service within American Express (Amex) and recognizes the vital role social media now plays in servicing card members.  At the core of this program, a service ethos called Relationship CareSM, is the active listening to customers in order to build […]

My thoughts on the real need for social CRM

The need for Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs arose in popularity after traditional CRM methods started losing effectiveness.  The state of telemarketing programs is easy to assess when you consider that in 2010 over 200 million marketing targets had signed up for the national Do Not Call Registry (Anderson, 2010).  The evidence of the […]

3 Reasons You Should Know More About Twitter

We’re all aware of the buzzwords like “social media” and “Twitter” but do you and your business know anything more that that?  Do the communication and strategy leaders in your organization know more than most teenagers do about Twitter?  For most, the answer is “no”.  The majority of organizations continue to struggle to make sense […]