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3 Reasons You Should Know More About Twitter

We’re all aware of the buzzwords like “social media” and “Twitter” but do you and your business know anything more that that?  Do the communication and strategy leaders in your organization know more than most teenagers do about Twitter?  For most, the answer is “no”.  The majority of organizations continue to struggle to make sense […]

How strong is US Airways CSR commitment?

Last week I hopped a flight to Dallas on US Airways.  Overall the experience was fine, with flights arriving on time and in-flight personnel being extremely friendly.  However, sitting in row 17 and watching the trash collection process head towards me, I was a bit disturbed that clearly marked recyclable US Airway cups, soda cans and water […]

Tools that can significantly improve your social media presence

Have you jumped on the social media bandwagon yet?  If you’re in business, at a minimum you should using social media in listening mode to hear what your customers are saying.  However, don’t stay too long just listening as the real power of social media comes in establishing relationships – with your customers or potential […]

Seeing a tweet doesn’t have to be a one in a million chance

If you are like me and follow a decent number of people, tweets are scrolling by all day.  You go off Twitter for a day and you’ve missed hundreds of tweets.  Most of them are gone for good – unless you have the patience to scroll through all of your missed tweets – but who […]